case study #1

School Improvement

PK-12 Private School turned to JAG Consulting Services when they needed to expand their campus locations, obtain accreditation for their multicampus school and acquire expert guidance with school improvement.


Oak Crest Academy (OCA) engages gifted and talented students’ grades K-12 and provides an exceptional hands-on academic experience, while also integrating creative courses such as; music, foreign language, yoga, chess, rocket engineering, fine arts, woodworking, meditation, Odyssey of the Mind, and more. OCA has multiple campuses, including an online program, and continues to expand.


Accreditation needed for a system of schools; expansion plan; SEVP certification; school improvement
  • Need 5 campuses to become accredited
  • Lack of knowledge within the school on how to obtain System accreditation status
  • Need accreditation to establish a high-level program
  • Large undertaking, lacking staff
  • Need expansion to east coast
  • Need expansion of boarding school
  • Need advice on improvement
  • Need advice with school management
  • Need SEVP certification (1-20 international student visa)


Well planned knowledge and experienced team
  • Evaluated and delivered detailed feedback for filing for Accreditation Readiness Review
  • Prepared for Accreditation Site Visit and prepped faculty
  • Attended Site Visit and provided a presentation to the Accreditation team
  • Successful obtainment of System Accreditation for all campuses.
  • Successful acquisition of SEVP certification for all campuses
  • Successful expansion to east coast with the creation of campus in Massachusetts with partnership with Harvard
  • Successful development of K-12 boarding school in Pomona, California
  • Increased processes with school management


Clear goals and communication offered by JAG Consulting Services made accreditation and school expansion plans successful.

By obtaining System Accreditation for all of their campuses, the school can now ensure their program meets the rigorous requirements of a first-rate private school, which promises the engagement of students around the globe. Additionally, OCA has been able to expand to another state in the US allowing for additional enrollment, which validates the schools exceptional program.

Multicampus System Accreditation with Cognia
The OCA project leader explains that by expanding the program and increasing the school’s recognition as a distinguished accredited institution OCA can reach more students and increase enrollment. By utilizing the services of JAG Consulting Services, OCA can now accurately identify the improvements which have lead to the expansion and advancement of the school.
JAG Consulting Services offers services in all realms of private school improvement and development and with its highly experienced team, can service schools with their improvement plans.

SEVP Certification
Within the 2 years of OCA utilizing JAG Consulting Services the school has been able to obtain system accreditation and SEVP certification for their multicampus school, expand their locations coast to coast, develop a boarding school, hire distinguished faculty, and streamline processes. Each of these improvements were optimized using the expert team at JAG Consulting Services. For this, OCA appreciated the skill and far reaching knowledge of the JAG Consulting Services team.

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