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School Sales

AIA (American International Academy) is a global leader in providing access to American education for students worldwide. Committed to breaking down barriers and expanding opportunities, AIA offers fully accredited U.S. high school programs that empower students to enhance their academic profiles and prepare for college. With a focus on fostering understanding and building connections, AIA embraces technology and a comprehensive curriculum to deliver a dynamic virtual learning experience. Through their dedication to educational excellence, AIA is equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. Welcome to AIA, where American education is made accessible and transformative.

programs offered

AIA provides a compelling solution for students who aspire to complete their high school studies while staying in their home country. Through a blended learning program, AIA offers nationally accredited classes recognized by Cognia. With a carefully designed system, students can work towards earning an American high school diploma, enhancing their prospects for admission to American universities. AIA aims to facilitate a seamless educational journey, allowing students to achieve their academic goals and unlock new possibilities for their future.


AIA is proud to have established educational agency contracts with seven esteemed organizations across the globe. These partnerships have created a strong network that generates student enrollment year-round. By collaborating with these agencies, AIA is able to reach students from various countries and provide them with access to a high-quality American education. These contracts enable AIA to support and guide students in their educational journey, ensuring a seamless enrollment process and fostering a diverse and inclusive learning community. Through these international connections, AIA continues to expand its reach and positively impact students' lives worldwide.


AIA operates under a student-centric philosophy, emphasizing accessible education, excellence in learning, and a global perspective. Committed to providing high-quality American education, AIA breaks down geographical barriers, ensuring students worldwide have equal opportunities. With a rigorous curriculum fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, AIA promotes cultural diversity and cultivates a global mindset. Dedicated to empowering students academically, personally, and socially, AIA prepares them to be responsible global citizens, equipped to thrive in an interconnected world.


Thanks to the invaluable guidance of JAG Consulting, AIA accomplished its goal of selling the school with resounding success. They diligently followed a structured process, meticulously preparing themselves to attract potential buyers. Through JAG Consulting's expertise and support, AIA successfully identified and connected with the ideal buyer for their school. The entire process, from inception in June 2022 to completion in May 2023, spanned a span of eleven months. The strategic assistance provided by JAG Consulting empowered AIA to navigate the complexities of finding a buyer, securing funding, and ensuring a smooth transition for their institution.



The school encountered a significant challenge related to the sale of the school. As the owner approached retirement, they lacked knowledge and guidance on the process of selling their institution, hindering their ability to plan for a smooth transition. They faced various questions and concerns, such as finding a suitable buyer, comprehending the requirements involved, estimating the timeline, compiling essential documentation, identifying an ideal buyer/partner, negotiating the best possible price, and ensuring the institution's vision, mission, and student stability remained intact throughout the sale process. Addressing these multifaceted aspects presented a complex challenge that required strategic resolution and expert guidance.

To address these obstacles, AIA turned to the expertise of the JAG Consulting team. The consultants provided a holistic solution by addressing each challenge systematically. They offered guidance and clarity by answering all queries, furnishing essential templates, and assisting in negotiations. The team also equipped AIA with effective marketing and planning resources to attract potential buyers. They conducted a thorough evaluation of the school's value and meticulously prepared and reviewed the necessary documentation. Additionally, the consultants engaged in proactive outreach to identify suitable buyers and explored financing options. Throughout the process, they provided unwavering support, overseeing negotiations, facilitating the closing process, and ensuring compliance with post-sales requirements. With the comprehensive assistance of the JAG Consulting team, AIA successfully navigated the complex journey of selling the institution while preserving its vision, mission, and stability for the students.


AIA's remarkable success can be attributed to its strategic partnership with JAG Consulting. By enlisting the expertise of JAG Consulting's seasoned team, the institute benefited from a consolidated approach that addressed all project aspects through a single agency. The dedicated education professionals at JAG Consulting provided unwavering support to the school, offering tailored services in private school funding and meeting their unique requirements. This collaboration proved instrumental in the institute's achievement, showcasing the value of JAG Consulting's comprehensive and specialized solutions.


JAG Consulting takes pride in its exceptional team of education experts who possess specialized knowledge in various facets of private schools. AIA had the privilege of harnessing the expertise and guidance of this talented team, which played a pivotal role in ensuring the project's success within the designated timeframe. JAG’s wealth of experience and insights proved invaluable, enabling AIA to navigate the intricacies of their undertaking with confidence and achieve their desired outcomes.

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